Rising Digital’s GameMotors® platform is a GLI Certified, complete Remote Game Server solution for development and operation of online real money and social simulated slot games.
Next Generation of RGS
GameMotors® consists of an API using a very light and fast framework for game server apps, core gaming and casino integration services, an administrative API, and a portal for operator or regulator access.
Compatibility and Diversity
GameMotors® was designed for infrastructure implementation and can scale vertically and horizontally to accommodate operations of different sizes and legal models. Distribution, computing, and storage are decoupled which allows for theoretically limitless operations. This solution may be deployed privately or under AWS or Google cloud infrastructure as an example.
GameMotors® may be deployed for social or simulated games worldwide. Regulated real money gaming jurisdictions require separate approval and certification by the jurisdiction's approved labs. GameMotors® has been certified by GLI on the international GLI-19 standards, and by iTechLabs for UK/Malta RNG compliance.
Highly Efficient
Each GameMotors® request/response runs as a highly efficient transaction through a HA (high availability) configuration with NGINX. GameMotors® has been tuned for a high transaction throughput in a super-fast round-the-globe battery of tests against CloudFront-ed Amazon EC2 and RDS services. Clean-state start and a single-thread / single-purpose micro-transaction design makes for a highly efficient, uncluttered operational model that is easy to debug, maintain, and scale. Redis-based session and state management delivers maximum game performance efficiency.